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How to EASILY Earn $15,000 Per MONTH Running Your Own Barter Exchange

Barter is the oldest form of business on Earth. It still works like gangbusters. Open your Barter Exchange and businesses will literally RUN to work with you.

If you’re interested in Get Rich Quick or MLM, this is NOT it. Barter is the oldest form of business and it’s more popular than ever.

These days when money is tight, businesses LOVE to barter. Instead of paying Joe to fix their parking lot, the Chiropractor fixes Joe’s back in exchange for his work.

The donut shop trades several dozen donuts to the radio station for on air giveaways. The station gets donuts, the donut store gets free advertising.

Even lawyers, doctors, and accountants use barter. When they have more clients than they can handle, they send those clients to another practitioner. Later, when the other practitioner has too many clients, she will send them back to the person who helped her.

Businesses LOVE Barter

They can usually exchange something they stock or make for a higher value. For example, my business buys oil filters for practically nothing. I’ll trade a box of filters to the repair shop to fix my car. In real dollars, the repair would cost me more than the oil filters. Barter turns out to be a real bargain.

Barter takes place on much larger levels, too. There are major corporations who do agreements with each other to trade surplus goods and services. The accountants do some magic with numbers and everybody wins. Stock prices go up!

But There’s a Basic Problem With Barter

Barter is a very old way of doing business. 100 years ago there simply wasn’t much money in America or anywhere else in the world. Entire banks were capitalized at just $35,000.

So when people didn’t have money to spend, they would barter. Farmers brought eggs to town to trade the dry goods store for chicken feed.

In a way, barter is still stuck in the past. Most barter deals are arranged one at a time and usually for small amounts of value. It’s hard to keep track of barter. If you’re not careful, you’ll trade away too much while getting too little in return.

It’s also hard to get a lot of barter deals lined up. Businesses have to make lots of calls and spend oodles of time talking with owners and managers. Most businesses don’t have time to do all the work themselves.

The BIG SOLUTION That Makes Barter The Star Of Modern Business

Quite a number of businesses have discovered a marvelous solution that makes Barter EASY and very advantageous.

They insist on using a well organized Barter Exchange. And Barter Exchanges are BOOMING!

The Barter Exchange attracts businesses of every type who have something they want to trade. The Exchange also uses modern management and accounting methods to keep track of trades and make sure everyone gets the best deal.

Instead of beating the bushes for a barter partner, businesses can simply tap into the Barter Exchange for a long list of people who are ready and willing to trade.

When businesses, like those above are in a Barter Exchange, everything becomes far more efficient. Joe fixes the parking lot for the donut shop. The donut shop provides donuts for the office meeting at the attorney’s office. The attorney gets an adjustment from the chiropractor who advertises on the radio.

Everybody works together in an astounding network of efficiency and mutual benefit. No wonder this concept is taking the country by storm.

There is a HUGE need for Barter Exchanges everywhere. This marks a remarkable opportunity for YOU to start your own Barter Exchange and profit handsomely for your efforts.

You charge a small fee for every transaction that goes through your exchange.

12% on each transaction in a barter exchange of just 250 members selling and buying JUST $500 in goods and services each month can result in income of $15,000 a month. Add members and transactions and you create additional income.

Wow! Think about it. How would $15,000 or MORE per month change YOUR life?

* Pay off bills

* Buy a new luxury automobile

* Live in ANY neighborhood

* Send the kids to college


But WHERE do you learn how to start and run your own Barter Exchange? Right HERE, of course. We have multiple levels of training that can help anyone become a rather wealthy Barter Exchange owner.