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Barter 101

Tips to Starting a Barter Business

This course is a compilation of our experience in barter, what we were taught by some of the barter industry icons and some solid information we researched over the years about bartering.  Use this course to better understand barter and to help you decide if opening and building a barter or trade exchange is the right business for you.

Our mission is to create solutions that promote growth in the modern barter and trade industry. As such, we created several training courses – the barter and trade industry’s leading training material to help you become a Certified Barter Specialist. Is the lucrative and enjoyable barter industry for you? We hope this course will give you the information to take your first steps.

Starting a barter exchange is fairly easy and, unlike franchises or retail stores, can be fairly inexpensive. Usually under $1500. But growing an exchange and making it profitable requires an understanding of the industry. We’ve created this series of courses to educate you and certify you in this industry.

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